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Karla Sánchez Zepeda
CONNECTION Residency in collaboration with the Spring Dance Moves Festival


We are thrilled to be collaborating this year for the first time with the Spring Dance Moves Festival. We will host the wonderful Maria Nilsson & Stace Gill in our Connection Residency.

They will be presenting their performance "LUMEN" to an audience of school chidren from Wexford in advance of their participation in the Spring Dance Moves Festival Spring Moves on Saturday May 11th, at Wexford Arts Centre WAC .

"LUMEN is an exciting 35 minute music and dance performance with 3 performers. This original show that has been touring all over Sweden, uses sound, light, movement, video and voice and welcomes the students into a magical world where the stage vibrates, shivers, thunders, glitters and glows. As if earth was speaking to us, urging us to remember, to go back to nature and dream. Calling on the imagination the trio brings us into a surrounding world of trees, birds, polar bears, snails, wolves, praying mantises, sea creatures, reindeer, spiders, dragon flies, ant queen, fungus, tigers and more. We feel that we are a part of everything under the sun and moon."

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Maria Nilsson Waller is a choreographer, dancer and designer. She has been working with dance for over 20 years and created 14 independent productions. She is a sought after teacher, and often collaborates with film and theatre makers in Ireland and abroad. In addition to this she has hosted over 200 workshops to school classes in primary and secondary school, as well as created 4 large scale community-dance projects. In 2017 she co-founded Flora Fauna Project together with Irish multi-disciplinary artist Stace Gill - an international dance company based in Östersund, Sweden and Laragh, Ireland. Flora Fauna Project is working with themes around our relationship to nature, environment and natural intelligence in works that combine dance, music, installation and film.

Multi-disciplinary artist Stace Gill, also known as The Sei, has been creating music since 2008. (w. producer Ross Dowling.) Since the inception of the Flora Fauna Project (FFP) in 2017, The Sei have served as the exclusive musical directors of FFP productions. Signed to Paragon Records, The Sei have released music scores from FFP productions on the EP ‘LUMEN’, Bluebells and Golden Heron EP. Their tracks have been featured in various TV shows, including 'Normal People', 'Conversations With Friends', 'The Rising’ and Apple TV's 'Truth Be Told’. Stace/The Sei has predominantly shot, directed, and edited their music videos, most of which feature Maria Nilsson Waller dancing. 'Sentient' was an exception, featuring animation by award-winning animator and illustrator Matt Griffin. Stace also created and scored a documentary on FFP's 'The River’, the onstage projections for LUMEN as well as a short-film version of 'LUMEN', premiered at Light Moves Festival Ireland 2021.

Choreographer // FLORA FAUNA PROJECT Dance Artist in Residence // D-Light Studios Associate Artist // Dance Ireland

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