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Karla Sánchez Zepeda
Open Arms Residency


We are thrilled to announce our "Open Arms" Residency. Our first resident will be Yujin Lee, who will come to us thanks to our first residency collaboration with Void Art Centre.

Part of our ethos is to regularly think with and collaborate with others as we require perspective, new ideas and inspiration.

Yujin's research focuses on "off-center, post-capitalist, community-driven, sustainable, and ecological art practices on Jeju island and abroad" and we are very much looking forward to learning from her and exchanging ideas.


Yujin Lee (b. 1986, Daegu, South Korea) is an artist and a collaborator whose practice centers around process-oriented and relational storytelling. Responding to unforeseen encounters, Lee wears many hats - she is a host, a writer, a curator, a caretaker of land and animals, a translator, a tour guide, a teacher, a student, a friend, a makgeolli-maker…

After living in Berlin (2010 - 2013) and New York (2013 - 2017), Lee settled in a rural village on Jeju Island. She acquired a typical Jeju farmhouse that came with a main house (angeori), a sub-house(bakkgeori), a tangerine barn (chang-go), and a patch of land with tangerine trees (wooyoungpat). Renovating it into a creative live/work space, she named it, Next Door to the Museum. Inspired by Van Gogh's Studio of the South, the Black Mountain College, and Rirkrit Tiravanija's The Land Foundation, Next Door to the Museum is an artist's home that is also a residency for creative minds, where the boundary between art and life is muddled and what results from this shared time and space is a long-term friendship.

Yujin Lee has participated in many artist residencies, group and solo exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Seoul, Jeju, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Beijing, etc. After returning to South Korea, she organized two small group exhibitions in Seoul (2018, 2019), collaborated with Hanoi-based art space, Heritage Space, on an international exchange/research project on underground art scenes, and worked as a collaborating curator for the 3rd Jeju Biennale (2022-23), hosting Rirkrit Tiravanija's site-specific installation at her farmhouse.


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