Where arts and

farming life meet

Blackbird Cultur-Lab is a creative cultural laboratory based within a working farm that is transitioning towards regenerative agriculture practices. It aims to provide an environment for farmers, artists, academics, and practitioners from various disciplines to experiment and work beyond traditional boundaries.

Blackbird Cultur-Lab is run by Oisín O’Connell and Karla Sánchez.

We both have years of experience of work in the arts, education, social sciences and agriculture. We are working to transition our farm from traditional methods to regenerative agriculture. We believe in the importance of developing and nurturing all the ecosystem processes; including community dynamics.

“ There is an urgency to look at ecological processes in their broadest sense. We are all interconnected.“ 

Oisín O'Connell

“ Learning about regenerative agriculture has forced me to rethink everything I knew about the arts and culture. This is our way of trying to find a more positive future for our children.“ 

Karla Sánchez Zepeda

We aim to provide an environment for artists, farmers, scientists, and practitioners from other disciplines to work beyond traditional boundaries.

We are a culture laboratory based within a working farm in Ireland.

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