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Karla Sánchez Zepeda
Cruinniu na nÓg 2022

On Saturday June 11th we had the pleasure to host many children and their parents for two different workshops:

In "Grow your Own Veggies in a Box" participants observed and matched different types of seeds, seedlings and vegetables. Then they drew and painted their own compositions on cardboard boxes, using special pencils, finger paint and watercolours. They learnt about compost and planted the seedlings of organic cucumbers, carrots, beetroot, rocket and pink sage that we had grown from seed a month in advance. Each kid went home with their own mini-garden in a box.

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In "The Magic of Trees and Charcoal" artist David Begley took the children for a walk in the forest, where they saw first-hand the difference between different types of trees (oak, alder, ash, willow, etc.), as David explained how to transform the tree branches into charcoal.

Children experienced the different marks that various types of charcoal can produce according to the density of the trees. They engaged in mark-making exercises and also drew the landscape of their choice (both from direct observation and/or from their imagination.) They took home their drawings as well as a small package with many samples of charcoal and an eraser to continue exploring at home.

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We look forward to welcoming many more children and parents in the future!

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