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Karla Sánchez Zepeda
"Our Books" travels to VOID

Oisín and I love books, over the course of 20 years we have gathered a library on the subjects that most interest us.

A section of that collection has now traveled to VOID Art Centre in Derry-Londonderry, where it is part of a wonderful exhibition and research curated by VOID's team: "Composting for the Future" Void Art Centre. It will be available for consultation in the gallery space until June 8th, 2024.

This selection of books contains texts relating to agriculture and farming, politics, economics, philosophy, history, sociology and other subjects related to food production and stewardship of land. Recent publications that have become classics sit next to older tomes that are even more relevant now than before, including indigenous thinking from various parts of the world.

These volumes have been critical in our appreciation of the complexity of natural processes and of regenerative agriculture practices, such as "The Hidden Life of Trees" by Peter Wohlleben, "Holistic Management" by Alan Savory, "Dirt to Soil" by Gabe Brown. While others have inspired us to broaden our understanding of culture and prompted in us a different way of thinking about and relating to the arts, also informing our current working theories about "regenerating the arts" or "regenerative arts" ("The One-Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka or "Sand talk" by Tyson Yunakporta, for instance.)

We call these books "OUR BOOKS" not because we collected them, but because we want to share them with others. We want to invite others to jump into the fascinating, complex and very critical world of ideas about rurality, farming and food production.

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List of the titles now at VOID:

Editors of storey brook (2004) Countryside wisdom and know how. New York : workman publishing company.

Seymour.J (2003) (first edition 1973) The new complete book of self sufficiency. London : Dorling Kingsley Limited.

Whittingham.J (2022) Pests and Diseases. London : Dorling kingsley limited.

Campion.A (2001)(First edition 1984) Bees at the bottom of the garden. Singapore : 1010 printing international Ltd.

Charles Edwards.T and Kelly.F (1983) Bechbretha. Dublin : Dublin institute for advanced studies.

Hooper.T (2010) Guide to bees and honey. China : 1010 printing international Ltd.

Hopkins.R (2019) Unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want. London : Chelsea green.

Dr Hyman.M (2020) Food fix. Great Britain : Clays Ltd.

Reynolds.M (2016) The garden awakening. England : UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Gonzalez.R (2001) Zapotec Science. United States America : University of Texas Press.

Kimmer.R (2013) Braiding sweet grass. Great Britain : Clays Ltd.

Yunkaporta.T (2019) Sand talk. Melbourne : The text publishing company Ltd.

Sheldrake.M (2020) Entangled life. Great Britain : Clays Ltd.

Montgomery.D and Bikle.A (2016) The hidden half of nature. United States America : Norton and Company Inc.

Souza.K (2023) Shipping roots. Great Britain : Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh.

Lowenfels.J and Lewis.W (2010) Teaming with microbes. China : Timber press Inc.

Lowenfels.J (2017) Teaming with fungus. China : Timber press Inc.

Lowenfels.J (2013) Teaming with nutrients. China : Timber press Inc.

Philips.M (2017) Mycorrhizal planet. Vermont : Chelsea Green publishing.

Andrews.M (1999) Landscape and western art. New York : Oxford university press New York.

Magan.M (2020) Thirty two words for field. Dublin : Gill Books.

Dolan.T.P and Murithe.D (1996) The dialect of fourth and Bargy. Dublin : four courts press Ltd.

Santischi-Cooney.S (2019) The fourth and Bargy dialect. Wexford : Wexford County Council.

Magan.M (2022) listen to the land. Dublin : Gill books.

Mitchell.W (2022)(First edition 1994) Landscape and power. Chicago : University of Chicago press Ltd.

Mallory.P.J (2013) The origins of the Irish. United Kingdom : Thames and Hudson Ltd.

Mallory.P.J. (2016) In search of the Irish dreamtime. United Kingdom : Thames and Hudson Ltd.

Padraic Fogarty (2017) Whittled Away. Cork : The Collins Press.

Roche.R and Merne.O (1987) Saltees. Dublin : The O'Brien Press Ltd.

Mitchell.F and Ryan.M (1997) Reading the Irish landscape. Dublin : Town House and Trinity House.

McGarry.Marion (2020) Irish customs and rituals. Dublin : Orpen Press.

Quinn.B (2005) The Atlantean Irish. Dublin : Lilliput Press Ltd.

Hawken.P (2017) The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. United Kingdom : Penguin Books.

Kolbert.E (2014) The sixth extinction. London : Bloomsbury Publishing.

Lomborg.B (2010) Cool it. London : Times Publishing Ltd.

Marshall.G (2014) Don't even think about it. London : Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd.

Pfeiffer.E (2012)(First edition 1970) Weeds and what they tell us. Glasgow : Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association Inc.

Cocannouer.J (2015) Weeds – guardians of the soil. United States America : Midwest Journal Press.

Walters.C (1999)(First edition 1991) Weeds, control without poisons. United States America : Acres USA Inc.

Masson.P (2019) Biodinamica guia practica. Navarra : La fertilidad de la Tierra Ediciones.

Dowding.C (2022) No Dig. London : Dorling Kingsley Limited.

Palmer.N (2020) The Regenerative Grower's Guide to Garden Amendment. United States America : Chelsea Green.

Savory.A with Butterfield.J(2016) Holistic Managment. Washington DC : Island Press.

Mcg.Copper.M and W.Morris.D (1973) Grass Farming. Ipswich : Farming Press ltd.

Fraser.A and T.Stamp.J (1987) Sheep Husbandry and Diseases. Great Britain : BSP Professional Books.

Rynne.E and Mac Eoin.G (1989) Cattle in Ancient Ireland. Kilkenny : Boethius Press.

King.P (2004) Traditional Cattle breeds and how to keep them. United kingdom : Farming Books and Videos Ltd.

Crotty.R (1980) Cattle, Economics and development. England : Commonwealth Agriculture Bureaux.

Little.D and Cross.J (2005) Realising Quality Wood from Ireland's Native Woodland. Dublin : Woodlands of Ireland.

Agate.E (2005)(First edition 1980) Woodlands. Doncaster : BTCV.

McLoughlin.J and Dr Coll Marian (2000) Our Trees. Ireland : The Peoples Millenium Forests.

Knaggs.G and Xenopoulou (2004) Guide to Irish hardwood. Dublin : COFORD.

Wohlleben.P (2016) The hidden life of Trees. London : Harper Collins Publisher.

R.Elvitch.C (2004) The Overstory book. United States America : Permanent Agriculture Resources.

Hageneder.F (2020) The Living Wisdom of Trees. London : Watkins Media Limited.

Adams.M (2014) The Wisdom of Trees. London : Head of Zeus Ltd.

Simard.S (2021) Finding the Mother tree. Great Britain : Penguin Random House.

Vera.F.W.M (2000) Grazing Ecology and Forest History. United Kingdom : CAB International.

Mac Coitir.N (2003) Irish Trees. Cork : The Collins Press.

Usher.C, White.J and Risdale.C (2005) Trees. London : Dorling Kingsley Ltd.

O'Carroll.N. Forestry in Ireland. Dublin : COFORD.

Joyce.M.P (1998) Growing Broadleaves. Dublin : COFORD.

Bulfen.M (1992) Trees on the farm. Ireland : Tree Council of Ireland.

O'Hara.B (2020) No-till intensive vegetable culture. United States of America : Chelsea Green.

Masters.N (2019) For the love of soil. New Zealand : Printable Reality.

Brown.G (2018) Dirt to soil. London : Chelsea Green.

Donahue.R, Miller.W.R. And Shickluna.C.J (1977)(First edition 1958) Soils. New Jersey : Prentice-Hall Inc.

Ziady Delue.R and Elkins.J (2008) Landscape Theory. New York : Routledge.

Alexander.J.A.P. (2015) Perspectives on Place. London : Bloomsbury.

Cooper.B (2004) The Hook Peninsula. Cork : Cork University Press.

Woods.M (2013) Just the Facts 101. United Kingdom : Cram101 Publishing.

Fukuoka.M (2012) The dragonfly will be the messiah. Great Britain : Penguin Random House.

Wesley Rawles.J (2009) How to survive the end of the world as we know it. England : Penguin Books.

Emoto.M (2001) The hidden messages in the water. New York : Beyond Words Publishing Inc.

Linden.A (2018) Diary of a swedish shepherd. United Kingdom : Quercus Editions Ltd.

Fukuoka.M (1978) The one-straw revolution. New York : New York Review Books.

Attenborough.D (2021)(first edition 1984) Living Planet. Great Britain : Harper Collins Publishers.

Tree, I. (2018) Wilding: The return of nature to a British Farm. London: Picador.

Woods, M. (2011) Rural. New York: Routledge.

M.Miller.Jr.W (1959) A canticle for Leibowitz. London : Transworld Publishers Ltd.

Welcome Collection Anthology (2022) This Book is a Plant. London : Profile Books Ltd.

Masanobu Fukuoka (1985) The natural way of farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy. India : Bookventure.

Jeffries.R (1905) After London; or, Wild England. London : Duckworth & Co.

George.H (1982) The Land Question. New York : Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.

Ferguson.N (2001) The Cash Nexus: Money and Power in the modern world 1700-2000. London : Penguin Books Ltd.

Perkins.J (2004) Confessions of an Economic Hitman. London : Penguin Books Ltd.

Coverly.M (2010) Psychogeography. Great Britain : Pocket essentials.

Bernays.E (1928) Propaganda. United States America : Ig Publishing.

Buchan.J (1998) Frozen Desire: An Inquiry into the meaning of money. London : Macmillian Publishers.

George.H (2008) Protection or Free Trade: An examination of the tariff question with special regard to the interests of labor. New York : Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.

George.H (2004) The Science of Political Economy: A reconstrustion of its principles in clear and systematic form. New York : Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.

Veblen.T (2005) Conspicuous consumption. London : Penguin Books Ltd.

Riley.D (2001) Taken for a Ride: Trains, Taxpayers and the Treasury. London : Hames Publishing.

Day.P (1995) Land: The elusive quest for social justice, Taxation reform & a sustainable Planetary envoirment. Australia : Australian Academic Press.

Hawken.P, Lovins.A.B and Lovins.L.H (1999) Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution. Wales : HyperCar.Inc.

Crotty.R (1986) Ireland in a crisis. Kerry : Brandon Book Publishers Ltd.

Shiva.V (2020) Reclaiming the Commons: Biodiversity,Indigenous Knowledge, and the rights of mother earth. New Mexico : Synergetic Press (on loan from artist Elida Maiques).

Andelson.RV. (1991) Commons without tragedy: Protecting the Environment from Overpopulation a New Approach. London : Shepheard-Walwyn.

Simon.J.L (1996) The Ultimate Resource 2. United kingdom : Princeton University Press.

Carson.K.A (2004) Studies in Mutualist Political Economy. Arkansaw : Self-Published.

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Victor Morgan E. (1969) A History of Money. England : Penguin Books Inc.

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